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Gulf Atlantic Roofing Corp. - Green Roofing

Green Roofing

There are several options for roofing projects that can help you go green. Technology continues to improve in our industry to provide you with options to Go Green in Roofing. Consider the following.

Cool Roofing

In South Florida installing a cool roof can significantly reduce a building's or home's cooling load. A cool roof reflects and emits the sun's heat back to the sky instead of transferring it to the building below. "Coolness" is measured by two properties, solar reflectance and thermal emittance. Both properties are measured from 0 to 1 and the higher the value, the "cooler" the roof.

Benefits of cool roofs include:

  • Energy savings and global warming mitigation
  • Reduction in urban heat island effect and smog
  • Improved occupant comfort
  • Comply with codes and green building programs

Cool Roofing

What is the right roofing material for your home or building?

Cool Roof Product Types Gulf Atlantic Roofing Installs in Palm Beach, Broward and Martin Counties:

  • Metal: Metal roofing products can be shaped to look like shingles, or shakes, or to fit unique curvatures, in addition to a typical "standing seam" configuration. They come in a variety of textures and colors, including some darker "cool" colors with special additives that allow these dark colors to achieve significantly greater reflectance than previous versions of the same product.
  • Modified Bitumen: Modified bitumen is bitumen (asphalt or tar) modified with plastic and layered with reinforcing materials then topped with a surfacing material. The radiative properties of modified bitumen (mod bit for short) are determined by the surfacing material.
  • Roof Coatings: Elastomeric Roof coatings can be applied to provide a reflective coating to your roof system.
  • Cedar Shakes: Cedar Shakes are natural and provide double the insulation value of asphalt.
  • Shingles or Tile: All of these products types use the same concept, where pieces fit together to form a roof. Asphalt shingles are fairly common for residential roofing applications, probably because they are relatively inexpensive and simple to install. Tile products also come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and textures, and, because of their heavy mass, they have thermal properties that may yield additional energy savings beyond their reflectance and emittance properties. Ask us which products and manufacturers are right for your home.
  • Single-Ply-Thermoset (includes EPDM, Hypalon): Thermosets are materials that cannot be hot-air welded because it changes their physical characteristics. Instead, tape or a contact cement to seal the seams.
  • Single-Ply-Thermoplastic (includes TPO, PVC, etc.): Single-Ply-Thermoplastic is a flexible sheet membrane which consists of compounded plastic polymers. When heat is applied onto the surface, the single ply-thermoplastic seams are melded together making the material seamless and effective. Most thermoplastics are manufactured to include a reinforcement layer (usually polyester or fiberglass) for extra durability and strength. There are various types of single-ply-thermoplastic such as PVC & TPO. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a synthetic polymer prepared from vinyl chloride. It tends to be more expensive than TPO, but is well known for long-term performance and is naturally fire-retardant. TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) is a blend of polymers that can contain flame-retardants or UV absorbers.
  • Green Roofs (currently not being installed by Gulf Atlantic Roofing): Green roofs (also known as garden roofs or vegetated roofs) use plants as roof covering. Though technically not highly reflective, green roofs do provide similar energy savings and urban heat island mitigation benefits as cool roofs. They also absorb water, reducing storm water runoff


  • Durability of product. Installing products that are long lasting and do not need to be replaced as often such as tile roofs, metal roofs will reduce waste.
  • Recyclability of roof product. Concrete can be used for clean fill or recycled, metal is also recyclable and contains recycled material.
  • Solar Designs: Many products (tile, shingles, PV, metal) are being designed to incorporate the installation of solar systems. This can be costly but should be reviewed based on your electricity needs.


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